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Derivatives Virtual Trading Challenge 2023

The Bursa Malaysia Derivatives Virtual Trading Challenge (“DVTC”) is an annual campaign aimed at raising awareness on derivatives trading among the Malaysian public.

This year, the top 20 DVTC traders stand to win prizes worth RM40,000! Don’t miss the opportunity to brush up your futures market knowledge through free webinars and workshops, and test out your trading strategies in a virtual environment – all while you compete to win exciting cash prizes.

Learn the steps to participate below.

Registration and familiarisation period: 16 May 2023 – 21 July 2023

Challenge period: 1 August 2023 – 30 August 2023

* Terms and Conditions apply


Step 1
Click HERE to
register by
21 July 2023
Step 2
Receive confirmation
via email
Step 3
Log in to DTS to explore
the platform
Step 4
Gain trading knowledge & skills at the FAMILIARISATION SESSIONS
Step 5
Trade on DTS from 1 August to 30 August 2023 with RM100,000 virtual capital*
Step 6
Achieve the highest account balance to WIN!

*Each participant will begin the challenge with RM100,000 virtual capital pre-loaded to their DTS account.
Please refer to FAQs for more information

In this challenge, you can trade any of the following derivatives contracts on its own or in any combination:


Experience Real-Time Trading

Learn how to trade futures contract in a simulated environment using live market data without risking your capital.

Sharpen Trading and Analytical Skills

Get yourself equip with skills and knowledge in futures trading, through our DTS, familiarisation webinar and self-learning materials at Bursa Academy.

Identify Market Trend

Learn to observe market activity (bids & asks) and identify important trends based on various indicators and chart tools for your trading decisions.


Be among the top 20 participants who achieve the highest account balance by the end of challenge to win!







1st Runner Up



2nd Runner Up

3rd Runner Up


4th Runner Up


6th to 10th Place

for each winner

Consolation x 10

for each winner


Missed the Familiarisation Webinars? Fret not! The recordings are now available on demand. Watch the replays to equip yourself with some basic knowledge on derivatives trading and the trading platform (DTS) prior to the challenge. Available in English and Bahasa Melayu.

Strategi "Trend Following" & "Reversal" didalam Futures Market

How to Start Day Trading Futures Like a Professional

The Easiest Way to Start Your First Trade Using the Derivatives Trading Simulator (DTS)

Capitalise The Opportunities In Derivatives Market With FCPO Trading

Bina Trading Berjaya Melalui Strategi Scalping & Swing Trading


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Learn more about the Derivatives Trading Simulator (“DTS”)

Explore DTS

More learning resources are available at Bursa Academy

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Who can join the Derivatives Virtual Trading Challenge 2023 (DVTC 2023)?
The DVTC 2023 is open to Malaysian citizens age 18 and above only (Read full Terms and Conditions HERE).
When can I register for DVTC 2023? Am I allowed to register when the challenge has already started?
The DVTC 2023 registration is open from 16 May 2023 to 21 July 2023. Registration after the closing date will not be accepted.
What are the steps to register for DVTC 2023?

STEP 1: Open a browser and go to DVTC website

STEP 2: Read the instructions and understand the Terms and Conditions. Click the “JOIN THE CHALLENGE NOW” button and you will be directed to the Registration page of DVTC 2023.

STEP 3: Please complete the details in the registration form and click the “Register” button.

STEP 4: An email will be sent to you to confirm your participation and account creation. You may proceed to log in to DTS (a.k.a QST newLite) HERE to explore the platform. QST mobile is also available to download in the App Store (iOS) or Google Play Store (Android) by looking up QST Mobile.

STEP 5: Key in your username & password at the login screen. Press the Login button to then access your DTS account.

What is the trading platform I should use for trading during the challenge period?
You should use the Derivatives Trading Simulator (DTS) powered by Quick Screen Trading (QST), aka the QST newLite or QST mobile to trade during the challenge period.
Who is Quick Screen Trading (QST)?
QST is a product of Computer Voice Systems. Their mission is to revolutionize technology systems in the derivatives market space while delivering best-of-breed customer service. Their systems are built from the ground up taking advantage of the most current advances in computing, networking, and quantitative finance. While others are attempting to modernize legacy electronic trading systems, they are designing fresh for the future. Their tailored solutions enhance derivatives trading performance and trade processing, making traders more productive, more profitable, and—in many cases—both.

QST includes front-end screen and API-based trading systems, electronic trade order routing, pre- and post-trade risk management and back office systems. Each of these solutions can operate on a standalone basis or they can be combined to provide enhanced functionality unavailable in heterogeneous configurations.
How long can I access my DTS account for the purpose of DVTC 2023?

Upon successful registration, your access to DTS account for DVTC 2023 is valid until 6 September 2023, with the event periods as follows:

Present – 21 July 2023: Registration & Familiarisation Period
1 August – 30 August 2023: Trading Challenge Period
31 August – 6 September 2023: Grace Period for Portfolio Review

What should I do to be eligible for prizes?
The DVTC 2023 winners will be selected and ranked based on the highest account balance at the end of the challenge. Read the full Terms and Conditions here for more information.
What should I do if I forget my username and password?

If you forgot your username, please send an email to QST customer support at [email protected] by providing the email address that you have registered with. QST customer support will provide the username accordingly.

As for password reset, press the “Forgot password?” link at the QST newLite login screen, or via this link.

You will then be required to enter your e-mail address and a captcha code, in which a password reset instruction will be sent to you via email. Please follow the instruction to reset your password.

Do I have to pay participation fee to register for the DVTC 2023?
No, you do not have to pay any fee for DVTC 2023 registration. Your free access to your DTS account for DVTC 2023 is valid until 6 September 2023.
Can I start practice trading in DTS prior to the challenge? Will my account balance reset to RM100,000 before the challenge begins?
Yes, you can start practice trading prior to the Challenge to familiarise yourself with DTS until 21 July 2023. Your account balance (virtual capital) will be automatically reset to RM100,000 before the first day of the challenge (1 August 2023).
I have never used a trading platform, how do I navigate the DTS?
A list of tutorial videos on how to navigate the DTS are available HERE. If you need help, please contact [email protected] or [email protected]
How do I get myself familiar with DTS and to learn some basic knowledge in futures trading prior to the challenge?

A series of Familiarisation Sessions will be conducted prior to challenge. You may secure your seat via DVTC website. The recorded version will be made available for playback on DVTC website too after the webinars have completed.

Alternatively, you also can visit Bursa Academy portal to learn more about Derivatives.

Who can I contact if I would like seek guidance during the Campaign Period?

You may contact your preferred Broker Mentor as stated below:

Affin Hwang Investment Bank Berhad Email: [email protected]
Tel no.: 012-349 7712
AmInvestment Bank Berhad Email: [email protected]
Tel no.: 03-9235 3223
CGS-CIMB Futures Email: [email protected]
Tel no.: 03-2635 9777
RHB Investment Bank Email: [email protected]
Tel no.: 03-9280 8820
How do I contact a customer service representative?

For technical errors such as registration, log in and DTS account balance, please write in to [email protected]

For general inquiry such as DVTC 2023 Terms and Conditions, familiarisation webinars etc, please write in to [email protected]

What can I do to fix the "Site can't be reached” error when I want to access DTS to trade for DVTC 2023?

Please download and extract the attachment HERE, then follow the instructions as documented in “MissingCrt.pdf” to resolve the error. The instructions are written for Google Chrome, but can be used for other web browsers as well (generally in the Privacy & Security -> Certificates section).

If the issue persists, or if you are able to access the login page but gets stuck at "Loading to server", please try with a different network connection/device or use the mobile application as an alternative to log in to DTS.

This Challenge is open to Malaysian citizens aged 18 and above. The eligible products to be traded during the challenge are FCPO, FEPO, FGLD, FKLI, FM70 and F4GM. Trading Challenge is held between 1 August 2023 to 30 August 2023 during Bursa Malaysia Derivatives trading hours (8.45am – 6.00pm and 9.00pm – 2.30am). After-Hours (T+1) Trading Session is not available on the last day of the Challenge. The Challenge will end by 6.00pm on 30 August 2023. Start with RM100,000 of virtual account balance, NO real cash will be traded. Total 20 prizes to be won.

Full details and Terms & Conditions are available HERE

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Rank Username Prizes
Champion Vincery RM 10,000
1st Runner up EUGisPOGU RM 7,000
2th Runner up Alactic RM 5,000
3th Runner up KingKong RM 4,000
4th Runner up blurr9998 RM 3,000
6th Place GG.COM RM 1200
7th Place WittyWizard RM 1200
8th Place vinann RM 1200
9th Place Sunshine RM 1200
10th Place desmondkjj3 RM 1200
11th Place El Diablo RM 500
12th Place MysticQueen RM 500
13th Place Flyingcadet23 RM 500
14th Place fcpo2023 RM 500
15th Place chongkahwai RM 500
16th Place K1NGB0B RM 500
17th Place PWXYTZ RM 500
18th Place The Achiever RM 500
19th Place rainfallzebra RM 500
20th Place Loghen2 RM 500

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Rank Username Prizes
Champion gentlemonster RM 7,000
1st Runner up lynlyn RM 5,000
2th Runner up linsanity RM 3,000
3th Runner up cheongwm RM 2,000
4th Runner up hilky1990 RM 1,000
Consolation Prize Touch ‘n Go e-Wallet reload pin
6th Place ballon393194 RM 200
7th Place fibochartist2022 RM 200
8th Place flyingcadet79 RM 200
9th Place godtan0723 RM 200
10th Place sharon18 RM 200
11th Place alvarez18 RM 200
12th Place dhkkong RM 200
13th Place MaxFCPO RM 200
14th Place Justice League RM 200
15th Place afiqafoqtime RM 200

University Team

Rank Username Prizes
Champion Leetheeyeo
Tunku Abdul Rahman Uni College
RM 5,400
+ certificate
1st Runner up Praisethelord
University Pertahanan National
RM 4,500
+ certificate
2th Runner up Winningteam
Tunku Abdul Rahman Uni College
RM 3,900
+ certificate
3th Runner up Playandwin
Oneworld Hanxin College
RM 2,700
+ certificate
4th Runner up UnstoppableForce
Universiti Teknologi Malaysia
RM 1,500
+ certificate
Consolation Prize Touch ‘n Go e-Wallet reload pin + certificate
6th Place BestTeammmm
University Malaysia Sarawak
RM 200
+ certificate
7th Place Ong Heng Huat
Tunku Abdul Rahman UC
RM 200
+ certificate
8th Place Faraday's Kang
Xiamen University Malaysia
RM 200
+ certificate
9th Place Team KYN
Manipal International University
RM 200
+ certificate
10th Place jujutsuhighschool
Universiti Teknologi Malaysia
RM 200
+ certificate
11th Place Finture
Xiamen University Malaysia
RM 200
+ certificate
12th Place Manipal Boys squad
Manipal International University
RM 200
+ certificate
13th Place The Bright Sparks
UiTM Kampus Bandaraya Melaka
RM 200
+ certificate
Universiti Teknologi MARA
RM 200
+ certificate
15th Place gryffindor
Tunku Abdul Rahman University
RM 200
+ certificate

Click to view the full list of winners

Individual Category University Category


Rank Username Prizes
1st Prize Siah Cen Kuang RM 7,000
2nd Prize Emily Chung Oi Li RM 5,000
3rd Prize Chooi Yin Ming RM 3,000
4th Prize Shahrizzal Rizzam RM 2,000
5th Prize Ooi Wei Shen RM 1,000
Consolation Prize Touch ‘n Go e-Wallet reload pin
6th Place Leong Jaan Lik RM 200
7th Place Thor Choon Ho RM 200
8th Place Law Chee Haw RM 200
9th Place Siah Xin Yah RM 200
10th Place Tho Wai Keong RM 200
11th Place Hue Yee Hean RM 200
12th Place Chong Chee Choong RM 200
13th Place Azizah Asmar RM 200
14th Place Khairul Aizat Zamri RM 200
15th Place Mohd Irwan bin Ghazali RM 200

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