What is Gold Futures (FGLD)?

The Gold Futures (FGLD) is a US Dollar denominated and Ringgit Malaysia settled gold futures contract traded on Bursa Malaysia Derivatives designed to provide market participants with exposure to international gold price movements.

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Benefits of Trading FGLD

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Reduced Exposure to Currency Risk

FGLD is quoted in USD per troy ounce and settled in MYR with a fixed multiplier of 40. This allows investors to ascertain profit or loss without being exposed to currency risk arising from foreign exchange rate fluctuations between USD and MYR.

Trade Wherever You Go

FGLD is traded on CME GLOBEX®, a global electronic trading platform that is accessible from wherever you are around the world.

Leveraged Trading for Capital Efficiency

Get leveraged exposure to the notional value of the underlying asset with a relatively small amount of capital (Initial Margin). This magnifies the effect of a given change in price.

Get Market Exposure. Get it Fast.

Gain immediate exposure to the gold market without holding physical gold.

Regulated Trading

Trade with confidence in a secure and transparent marketplace regulated by the Securities Commission Malaysia.

Learn from the Industry Experts

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A First Look at the Enhanced Gold Futures (FGLD)


Pengenalan kepada Peningkatan Kontrak Niaga Hadapan Emas (FGLD)

The Complete Framework to Analyse the Gold Market

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Derivatives Trading Simulator (DTS)

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FGLD provides new opportunities for you to diversify your investment portfolio.

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