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What Are Dividend Shares?

Are you interested to invest in the stock market but aren’t ready to take on too much risk? Well, dividend shares are one way for you to get returns from investing in the stock market.

But, what are dividend shares and why should you think about investing in them? Watch this video to find out!

Now you know what dividend shares are, you might be ready to take the next step and research companies listed on Bursa Malaysia which have been paying dividends. You can start by visiting this link to use the Screener tool on Bursa Marketplace.

The Screener tool lets you search for companies by industry, market capitalisation, share price, dividend yield (how much of the company’s share price is paid out in dividends every year), dividend growth (how much the company’s dividends have increased over a period of time) and dividend payout (the amount of dividends paid as a percentage of the company’s profits), among others.

For each search criteria, Bursa Marketplace gives you a range of options to help you refine your search. If you want to search for shares which have been paying dividends, you can try searching based on personal criteria such as dividend yield, dividend growth or dividend payout. For example, you can Screen for companies which have a dividend yield of up to 5% or more than 5%.

Once you’ve entered your search criteria for dividend shares, the Screener will show you a list of dividend shares you could invest in. If you know enough about investing in the stock market, you could choose some dividend shares to invest in right away (If you’ve never invested in shares before, you’ll have to open a trading account to get started).

If you want to learn more about investing in shares, check out Multiply’s introduction to stocks and 5 things to check before investing in a company’s shares to help you understand the basics of investing in the stock market. If you’re ready to start your investing journey, explore Multiply’s guides on opening a brokerage account and how to buy and sell shares.