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Get Stock Ideas from Professionals on Bursa Marketplace’s Mirror, Learn & Trade

Are you interested in trading shares but don’t know where to start? Have you ever looked at stock market information and thought, ‘I wish there was someone to show me how to buy and sell stocks?’

Well, with Bursa Marketplace’s Mirror, Learn & Trade (MLT) feature, you can actually see and mirror investment moves of licensed analysts using your own virtual investing portfolio! A virtual experience helps investors absorb and retain material in a whole new way while adding friendly competition and excitement along the way – much like fantasy football! In the stock trading world, watching someone buy and sell shares and following what they do, such as choosing which stocks to buy/sell and deciding when to buy/sell, is called mirror trading.

How does Mirror, Learn & Trade work?

By using MLT, you can mirror the virtual trading portfolio(s) of 12 licensed analysts from Bursa Malaysia's Participating Organisations (also known as stock brokers) onto your own virtual trading portfolio, so you’ll be learning from professionals!

Here’s how mirror trading on MLT works:

  • On MLT, everyone including the licensed analysts, is given RM100,000 in virtual cash (NOT REAL MONEY!) to buy shares for their own portfolios.
  • You then choose analyst(s) or their stock investments that you want to mirror.
    • You can choose a maximum of 10 stocks from the same analyst or 10 stocks from different analysts.

All trades on MLT are virtual, but the trades are based on real-time activity on Bursa Malaysia. So, you can feel what it’s like to buy and sell stocks without investing any real money.

The analysts will also explain their strategies on buying or selling a certain stock to help you understand their investment decisions. Additionally, you can use the Community section on MLT to have online discussions with the analysts to learn more about the stock market.

Once you’re comfortable with stock market investing and have enough knowledge about how the stock market works, you can then try buying and selling shares for real!

How do you start using Mirror, Learn and Trade?
  1. Visit the MLT page at Bursa Marketplace on the web or Bursa Marketplace mobile app
  2. Register as a user on MLT. If you’re already registered as a Bursa Marketplace user, you can use the same login for MLT
  3. On the Discover page, view the analyst (Traders) and their profiles
  4. Choose analyst(s) or stock(s) you would like to mirror
  5. Once you’ve identified the stocks you’re interested in from the analyst(s) portfolio(s), you can start mirror trading!

Before you start using MLT, you might also want to learn the basics about shares. The most important thing about investing is to make sure you have the right information to help you make informed decisions. So, check out our video on stocks or read our guide on how to buy and sell stocks.

We know investing can be intimidating if you haven’t done it before, but with the right knowledge, you can invest your money to grow your net worth.

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