Turn your interests
into cool prizes!

Contest period: 4 May – 4 July 2021

Contest period:
4 May – 4 July 2021

How to participate?

Step 1:

Register or log in to BursaMKTPLC

Step 2:

Go to the My Market > Contest page

• Quest 1:

Use the Screener Tool to search for stock(s) that are priced under RM1

• Quest 2:

Select a stock and add it to your My Market Contest Watchlist

• Quest 3:

Use the RM20,000 virtual money to select a stock, place it in your My Market portfolio and buy it

• Quest 4:

Make a profit of at least 5% in your My Market Contest portfolio within the contest period

Step 3:

Complete all four quests and stand a chance to win a prize!

For learning materials, visit Bursa Academy and Multiply

Terms and Conditions apply.