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Getting Started

Now that you have your basics, let's see some more information you should know


Futures & Options: Liquidity

Liquidity; The ease at which a product can be traded without affecing the market.


WarrantHero Liquidity

Liquidiy for warrants are sightly different than liquidity for normal stocks. Here's how...


The Value Investing Trading Strategy

Identify the 4 Key Areas of a Successful Value Investing Tactic


There are many other financial instruments that are considered as stocks. Here are what they are.


REITs 101

REITs; An alternative to propety owning that allows you to own Prime Real Estate as a unit owner.



Warrants; The right to buy or sell a financial instrument at a future date at a set price.


The Value Investing Trading Strategy

Identify the 4 Key Areas of a Successful Value Investing Tactic


There are products that work similar to futures as well. Here, we will equip you with the knowledge to be a savvy investor


Overview of Palm Oil Industry

Understand the structure, ecosystem, relevant authorities of this industry and the link between palm production and the capital market


Introduction to Crude Palm Oil Futures (FCPO)

Undestand the specifiation of FCPO and identify key items


Futures & Options: Hedgers and Speculators

Hedgers wants to avoid risk and Speculator profits from risk but both need each other for the market to run.


We all have to start somewhere. Let us help get you on the right track as you start your investing journey.


BM-I: Best Practises for Shariah Investing

To be Shariah-Compliant a company must abide by the many rules put by the Security Comittee's Syariah Advisory Council


Shariah Investing on Bursa Malaysia-i

Bursa Malaysia's Islamic Capital Market provides Shariah-compliant products for islamic investing.


MyETF- A Smart Tool for Shariah Investing

ETF can be used with Shariah-Compliant companies to provide an ethical trading environment.

Fundamental Analysis

For long-term investment, you need to know and understand the core details about the company you are investing in. Fundamental analysis can help you to do so.


Pricing Analysis: Part 1

Low priced share does not mean a good buy and high priced shares does not mean a bad buy. Here's why.


Financial Analysis: Part 1

Learn to read and assess a financial statement and find out about a company's history.


Building blocks for value investing: Part 1

Value investing puts yourself as an owner of a business making sure that the price you pay is less or equal to a company's value

Technical Analysis

The market is always changing. To trade, you will need a keen eye to see and predict the direction of the market. Technical analysis can help you in that regard.


Introduction to Candlesticks

Predicting future prices can be difficult but patterns do emerge. Investors can take advantage of this recurring patterns.

The Marketplace

Watch interviews with leaders of Publicly Listed Companies (PLCs) in Bursa Malaysia's Exchange. Learn about the past, present and futures of these companies.


The Marketplace: Apex Healthcare Berhad

Tan Hing Tai, the COO of Apex Health Berhad talks about the three core business model.


The Marketplace: Yong Tai Berhad

Datuk Boo Kuang Loon, the CEO of Yong Tai Berhad, talk about how they pulled Yong Tai Berhad out of the red.


The Marketplace: I-Berhad

Deputy Chairman of I-Berhad talks about their focus, I-City


Need a human touch in your trading education? Come and watch our webinars!


Going Tactical with Warrants

Warrants are tool to increase your profit. Let's learn how to maximize it.


The Value Investing Trading Strategy (Mandarin)

Learn to find out the worth of a company before investing in them


Malaysian Macroeconomy (Mandarin)

Malaysia has an interesting economy with its own ups and downs. Let us see what we can take away from it.


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