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Why invest in shares?

Shares are a great way for you to have another source of income without having to work two jobs.

Investing is making your money work for you by getting your money to generate more money. Investing in shares has consistently proven to be one of the most profitable forms of investment available.

7 reasons why invest in share market

1. The power of compounding

Compound interest works best with investment which offer high rates of returns. Fixed deposit earns 4% compund interest/year as compared with investing in stock market. Let’s take a look at the example below.

2. Stocks Vs Property Vs Fixed Deposits

3. Result matters

The KLCI has been showing consistent growth for several years and benefiting Malaysian investors.

4. Beat inflation

Prices go up every year by 3% to 4%, so your investment must grow faster. Asset classes like Stocks can provide higher returns on your investment than the inflation rate.

5. Own a piece of established business than building one yourself

Compare the effort of building an enterprise on your own versus buying a piece of an existing established company. Relatively, it is many times easier to buy a share of a great company listed in Bursa Malaysia.

6. The freedom to work at your own place

You can do buy and sell transaction at home. You can find reports and announcements on the Internet. All these information is sufficient to let you conduct analysis and research to find the companies that is worth investing your money.

7. Convenience at fingertips

As most brokers operate online trading platforms, you can access the market at anytime in any place with an internet connection through your personal computer or smartphone.

The Rule of Thumb of Share Investing


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