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Getting Started

We all have to start somewhere. Let us help you get on the right track as you start your investing journey


Understanding the Stock Market

Share market is where parts of companies can be bought and sold. Bursa Malaysia is Malaysia's very own stock exchange.


Why invest in shares?

Shares are a great way for you to have another source of income without having to work two jobs.


Which type of investor are you?

There's everything for everybody. No matter if you are a risky or conservative person, the share market has a place for you.

Quick Bites

Learn the various aspects of investing in short, quick bites.


What is a Stock?

A stock represents partial ownership, or a share, of a company


What is a Stock market?

A stock market is a marketplace for people to buy and sell stocks


Investing vs Trading

Know the difference between investing and trading

All About Bursa Marketplace

We have the tools. All you need to do is learn how to use them.



Get a quick glimpse at the most active stocks right now with Bursa Marketplace's Heatmap tool.



Quickly get the lay of the land with the Screener tool. See only what you want to see.


Alpha Indicator

Easily find out the status of a company with Alpha Indicator. We provide you with the information, you make the decision.


A one-stop place for you to learn the ins and outs of stocks.

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Try our step by step guide


What is a stock market?

To companies, a way to generate capital. To the country, the engine of its economy. To you, an opportunity for profit.


BursaMKTPLC: Tycoons on My Payroll

By owning shares, you are owning pieces of large companies. That means you too can have a tycoon working for you.


A one-stop place for you to learn the ins and outs of Futures Trading.

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Try our step by step guide


Futures Markets 101: How did it all started?

Futures start a long time ago with simple trades but has grown to a gargantuan business it is today.


Futures Markets 101: The fundamental of Futures Market

Futures; An agreement to buy or sell an underlying commodity in the future at a price that is set now.

Bursa Malaysia-i

Is Shariah investing one of your investing criteria? Learn all about BM-i in this section.


BM-i: An Introduction

Bursa Malaysia-i is an option for the shariah aware investors to ensure shariah-compliant investing


Bursa i-Stocks

Learn more about Shariah-Complant Stocks in Bursa Malaysia


ICM Educational Video

Introduction to the Islamic Capital Market for a whole new way to look at investing.

Chit Chat BursaMKTPLC via Facebook Live

Check out conversations with leaders of listed companies and equities and Futures Trading experts through our videos.


In the Spotlight - Mr Ezone Constantine

Mr Ezone Constantine of f1 Trader Academy of Technical Analysis on How to Get Started


Facebook Live Corporate Presentation - Solarvest Holdings Berhad

The BursaMKTPLC Facebook Live Corporate Presentation program presents Solarvest Holdings Berhad to share on their upcoming plans


In the Spotlight - Mohd Asri

Together with Mohd Asri to Learn About Shariah-COmpliant Investing in Bursa Malaysia - Smart and Pious Investor Strategies


Need a human touch in gaining your investing knowledge? Check out our webinars here.


Conventional vs Online Investing

With the advent of technology, let us see how different is online investing to conventional investing


7 Golden Rules of Investment

Let's find out the Golden Rules of Trading


Financial Statement Analysis: From Scratch to Pro

The numbers. What do they mean? Let's find out together


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