Terms & Conditions

The ETF Cashback Program (hereinafter “Program”) is organised by Bursa Malaysia. The Program is governed by Program Rules (hereinafter “Rules”). The investors’ participation in the Program constitutes his/her acceptance and agreement to comply with these Rules.



This Program is open to investors who have not performed any buy or sell trades in Bursa-listed ETFs (“ETF”) from 1 January 2020 until 2 August 2020. Only the first 500 investors with investment(s) amount (buy trades) of RM 3,000 and above (in one or multiple ETFs, cumulative over the Program period) (hereinafter “Eligible Investors”) will be eligible to receive Touch ‘n Go eWallet reload PIN worth RM150. Investors are not obliged to hold the ETF(s) until the end of the Program. Only ETF buy trades carried out by investors in their Direct CDS Account(s) are taken into account for the purposes of this Program. Employees of Bursa Malaysia and their immediate family members (spouses and children) are not eligible to participate in the Program.

Program Period

Accumulated ETF buy trades starting 3 August 2020 until 31 December 2020 will be taken into account. ETF buy trades that are performed before or after the Program Period will be not be counted for the purposes of this Program.


Investor’s ETF trades that do not fulfil or adhere to the requirements herein, will not be eligible to receive the Touch ‘n Go eWallet reload PIN worth RM150 under this Program. Any attempt to circumvent any rule will result in immediate disqualification from the Program. For the avoidance of doubt, disqualification will result in the investor’s non-eligibility to further participate and/or obtain a Touch ‘n Go eWallet reload PIN under the Program.


Bursa Malaysia, its group of companies and their respective officers, directors, and their employees assume no liability for any damages or injury arising from this Program or the Touch ‘n Go eWallet reload PIN awarded.


Eligible Investors will receive Touch ‘n Go eWallet reload PIN worth RM150. The reload PIN cannot be substituted for another prize.

Eligible Investor Selection and Notification

Investors will be selected by Bursa Malaysia based on the eligibility of investors and fulfilment of the Rules. The result of selection is final and absolute and cannot be disputed by any party. Investors will be informed about the Touch ‘n Go eWallet reload PIN by their respective broker at the end of the Program. Bursa Malaysia is not responsible if the investor fails to receive the notice from their broker.

How to Claim the Cashback

The winners will be contacted by their respective broker after the Program ends, after which the respective broker will be responsible to disseminate the Touch ‘n Go eWallet reload PIN to the Investor.

Terms & General Conditions

Bursa Malaysia reserves the right to cancel, terminate, modify, extend or suspend the Program.