Diversify your investments with ETFs and stand a chance to get a Touch ‘n Go eWallet Reload PIN worth RM100.
ETF Cashback Program Details
The ETF Cashback Program (“Program”) will run from 10th May 2021 to 30th July 2021 (both dates inclusive)
An investor who invests (buys) one or multiple Exchange Traded Funds (“ETFs”) listed on Bursa Malaysia with a cumulative value of RM2,000 and above within the Program period, will be eligible to receive ONE (1) unit of Touch ‘n Go eWallet Reload PIN worth RM100.
The Touch ‘n Go eWallet Reload PIN worth RM100 is only limited to the first 300 eligible investors within the Program Period and each eligible investor is only entitled to receive ONE (1) Touch n’ Go eWallet Reload PIN
The Program is open to all retail investors with Direct CDS Account(s) or Nominee Account(s). For the purpose of determining the cumulative value, ETF purchases made by the investors across multiple CDS accounts or nominee accounts will not be aggregated.
Where an investor buys ETFs via Nominee Account(s), the investor shall consent to the investor’s broker(s) providing and/or shall authorise the investor’s brokers to provide their information to Bursa Malaysia.
Eligible investors will receive the Touch ‘n Go eWallet Reload PIN from their respective brokers within 2 months from the end of the Program.
Please find the full Terms and Conditions of this program at the bottom of this page.
Here is the list of available ETFs on Bursa Malaysia and their respective year’s historical total returns:
ETF Long Name ETF Stock Code Total return for 3 months (%) Total return for 1 year (%) Total return for 3 years (%) Total return for 5 years (%)
ABF Malaysia Bond Index Fund 0800EA -2.43 -0.14 17.46 24.60
FTSE Bursa Malaysia KLCI ETF 0820EA 3.42 15.51 -9.09 6.35
Kenanga KLCI Daily (-1x) Inverse ETF 0835EA -2.94 -15.20 N/A N/A
Kenanga KLCI Daily 2x Leveraged ETF 0834EA 5.30 30.75 27.33 39.75
MyETF Dow Jones Islamic Market Malaysia Titan 25 0821EA -2.17 20.10 6.98 26.07
MyETF Dow Jones U.S. Titans 50 0827EA 11.06 37.99 -91.84 N/A
MyETF MSCI Malaysia Islamic Dividend 0824EA 0.83 22.04 17.85 41.95
MyETF MSCI South East Asia (SEA) Islamic Dividend 0825EA 0.44 12.40 -5.90 -6.41
Principal FTSE ASEAN 40 Malaysia ETF 0822EA 4.97 18.48 -9.91 19.62
Principal FTSE China 50 ETF 0823EA -3.74 12.82 8.11 58.66
TradePlus DWA Malaysia Momentum Tracker 0836EA -4.05 N/A N/A N/A
TradePlus HSCEI Daily (-1x) Inverse Tracker 0833EA 2.78 -15.92 N/A N/A
TradePlus HSCEI Daily (2x) Leveraged Tracker 0832EA -6.79 7.41 N/A N/A
TradePlus MSCI Asia Ex Japan Reits Tracker 0837EA 4.96 N/A N/A N/A
TradePlus NYSE FANG+ Daily (-1x) Inverse Tracker 0831EA -6.65 -46.91 N/A N/A
TradePlus NYSE FANG+ Daily (2x) Leveraged Tracker 0830EA 8.19 206.78 N/A N/A
TradePlus S&P New China Tracker-MYR 0829EA -7.10 40.15 N/A N/A
TradePlus S&P New China Tracker-USD 0829EB -0.14 48.57 N/A N/A
TradePlus Shariah Gold Tracker 0828EA -2.50 -3.31 36.05 N/A

  1. Historical returns have been taken from Bloomberg as at 6 May 2021.
  2. Data reflected as N/A: ETFs have been listed less than the period stipulated or insufficient data to calculate total returns.
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