International Women's Day 2022

Welcome to the International Women’s Day Bursa Malaysia website. Gender equality has been a key sustainability priority in Bursa Malaysia as we continue to reinforce our efforts to promote equality in our marketplace and the wider community. “Equality for Equity”, is a campaign designed by Bursa Malaysia to highlight the importance of giving both men and women equal access to opportunities available in the equity market.

Data shows that while more women investors have entered the market, women participation still lags behind their men counterparts. In 2021, women made up only 30% of individual investors in our stock market despite global findings that women tend to be better investors than men. We encourage women to participate in the stock market to grow their wealth and reduce this gender investing gap. Join us to explore the many educational articles, videos, tools and quizzes that we have in place to enhance your financial literacy and knowledge. Learn with us and take the first step into the world of investment.

While we might not have the ability to close this gender investing gap immediately, we hope this small step can inspire and change the lives of many for a better tomorrow. Join us and support #equalityforequity today!

“She Invests” Panel Session
Watch and Be Inspired to Start Investing Today!

In conjunction with International Women’s Day 2022, Bursa Malaysia had organised a Panel Session on “She Invests” to inspire and to encourage ladies out there to start investing. Check out what our experts had to say about investing.

“She Invests” Part 1
“She Invests” Part 2
“She Invests” Part 3
“She Invests” Part 4

#MyFirstTrade Stories

"Hearing about the rise and fall of the stock market index in the news raised questions when I was young. I was curious about the meaning behind all the alien-like numbers and terminologies in the news but I did not have a chance to get any answer at school.
I graduated as a dietitian in 2017 and started working in different sectors, including community, clinical and sports sectors. Managing personal finance was difficult for me as I only saved less than 10% of my salary. After working for 4 years, I still struggled to balance my income and expenses and did not know where and how to learn about finance management.
One day, my colleague shared his trading journey and advised me on the importance of financial planning starting from young. He introduced me to Bursa Academy and Bursa Marketplace where I can learn all types of finance related knowledge from A to Z. From watching the webinars to practicing trading using trading simulator tools, I have improved financial literacy and enhanced understanding of investments and trading in the stock markets. After months of studying, my first trade of 1 lot was done in December 2021 with both nervous and excited feelings and continued my journey as an informed investor.
I am so glad and grateful to be introduced to the Bursa platform which helped a lot in guiding me to get the ball rolling in investment. Now, it’s time for me to encourage others to begin their investment journey."

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There are many ways to invest your money in the stock market, from stocks, bonds, REITs, and ETFs. It is important to know what the differences are so you can make your own informed decisions when investing. As with any investment, when deciding to invest in the stock market, it is important to assess how an investment fits with your financial goals and individual risk tolerance.

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What are ETFs

What are REITs

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Bursa Malaysia continually hosts investment webinars that are free for Malaysians to learn about investing on the stock market. Through our Bursa Academy platform, you can learn various investment related topics such as Candlestick strategies, or information on Derivative products. Plus, you can explore these webinars... and more at your own convenience!
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