International Women's Day 2023

With a commitment to Empowering Women and #EmbracingEquity, Bursa Malaysia is wavering the RM10 CDS Account Opening Fee.

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International Women's Day celebrates the countless contributions that women have made in all aspects of life. It's an important indication of how the gender gap has closed over the years, yet still acts as a reminder of how far we still have to go in terms of achieving true gender parity.

At the core of gender equity is a recognition that progress towards equal opportunity and the outcome cannot be assumed or achieved without intentional advocacy and action. At Bursa Malaysia, we recognise that taking steps to create an environment of fairness, equality and inclusion is not a choice but a necessity. Gender equity in the capital market isn't just desirable; it must be our path forward. #internationalwomensday2023

In celebrating the International Women's Day 2023 #EmbraceEquity, IWFCIM is grateful to organise the IWFCIM Investment Forum with the key objective of supporting women entrepreneurs to engage with investment experts and explore the various investment vehicles and fundraising options available for thriving entrepreneurs.

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Investing Through Her Eyes

Discover the inspiring stories of incredible women making their mark in the world of investment and finance.


Here are the stories shared by the ladies on their first trade. Do you want to share with us your first trade story too?

Tham Ching Suen

Hearing about the rise and fall of the stock market index in the news raised questions when i was young. I was curious about ...


Siti Aminah Mohd Johan

My daughter loves this particular brand of milk. Product quality is beyond average and the taste is the most unique among...


Lim Shu Hui

The first time is always the hardest, they said. I was fortunate enough that my first trade ended up quite well, even though I...


Tan Yi Taur

Have you ever thought of what will you be doing if you have lost a job? Fear of losing a job is almost similar as the feeling of...


Emily Moey

I grew up in a family whereby trading is a big NO-NO because parents always believe that we need to keep all the savings in...


Tang Hui Yong

#MyFirstTrade took place while I was relearning personal finance. Having saved no money in my first three years of working...


Zoey Hue

When I'm small, I often heard people say that share market is dangerous, high risk and fearful. It just like a roller coaster, can...


Ms Shirley Hor Wai Cheng

This is a real story of my past experience. This happened when I was in my twenties. One day I...


Annabelle L.

I have been pondering how to build an emergency fund to provide a minimum of three months' basic income should...


Chua Su Jane

Hi there, just wanna share #MyFirstTrade with you guys. I believe it was 2 years ago during the first few MCO (I really...


Lim Soo Bee

Most people wonder, did men make better investing decisions since Warren Buffett, John (Jack) Bogle and the rest of famous...


Teresa Chew Hui Fang

I've never ever thought about buying share in my past 42years. Until during Covid-19 lockdown, my life had a dramatically big...


Suhaima Izzatiey Amirah

Wawasan 2020 berakhir dengan pandemik Covid 19 banyak mengajar saya cara berdikari dan...


Nicole Tey

Back in year 2018, I started my investment journey . Deep inside my heart I know I want to be financial freedom before retiring ...


Chan Su Ling

It was about 14 years ago when I first started to trade in the stock market back in 2008. What I knew at that time was I needed ...


Tan Phei Ling

My investing journey in Bursa Malaysia began in June 2021. It was during MCO lockdown. I was having about RM6000 savings ...



I started my first trade last year without having a solid financial or investing background. Back in my school days, I was only taught ...


Email us your story at [email protected] and your story will be featured in here.

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