Enhance your investment portfolio with the Mini FTSE Bursa Malaysia Mid 70 Index Futures.

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What is FM70?

FM70 is a Ringgit Malaysia (“MYR”) denominated Mini FTSE Bursa Malaysia Mid 70 Index Futures contract traded on Bursa Malaysia Derivatives. It provides market participants exposure to the underlying FTSE Bursa Malaysia Mid 70 Index (“FBM Mid 70”) constituents with a low cost of entry.

Contract Specifications

Why trade FM70?

Exposure to 70 stocks via a single futures contract

FM70 provides exposure to all the 70 constituents of the FBM Mid 70 Index.

Low entry cost

Only a low initial margin (a small percentage of the notional value of the contract) of RM800* is required to start trading.

Various trading opportunities

Capitalize on average daily trading range (100 index points) of the FBM Mid 70 Index.

*Initial margins are determined by Bursa Malaysia’s Risk & Compliance department and will be revised from time to time

How to Long (Buy) an FM70 contract?


How to Short (Sell) an FM70 contract?


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